This being the first set of documents which a student offers to the University of Choice, there cannot be any room for error. At Stampford Australia we do everything at our end to help ensure the application is carefully drafted and all necessary documents are presented well. If you want to study in Australia, you will need to arrange two different sets of documents:

1. Documents for Study purpose:

Complete the Apply now form and attach officially certified copies of relevant documents so that we can apply to the institution in Australia where you wish to study.

Checklist for documents required for study:

To submit your application to the institution in Australia, we need OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED COPIES of documents. Admissions are purely on the basis of a student's academics & IELTS score. While applying for admissions one has to submit the following documents:

Mark sheets & Passing certificate of Year 10 & Year 12.
IELTS Result Copy (If not given- conditional offer letter will be issued)
Mark sheets of Bachelor's degree
Degree Certificate (Provisional degree certificate is acceptable, if original not received till date)
Mark sheets & Degree certificate for PG/Masters degree,
Statement of purpose/ Recommendation letters (Depending on course)
The ID page(s) of your passport showing your personal details and passport number.
A detailed C.V. or resume showing your contact details, study, work etc. This is required if you are seeking entry to college or university. If you do not know how to write a resume, our counselors can send you a sample format
A Bank Draft for the application fee, made out to the institution where you wish to study (our counselors will tell you if, or, how much you need to pay)
Any other documents which support you study application

2. Documents for Visa purpose:

Documents are needed to send to the closest Australian High Commission to apply for your student visa. The Embassy will assess your application and let you know if you appear to meet the criteria for a Student Visa. You can only be granted a student visa if you intend to study a registered course on a full-time basis. If your application is successful you will be issued with a Multiple Entry Visa allowing you to travel backwards and forwards to Australia within the period for which the visa has been granted. That period will depend on the course for which you have been accepted. Your visa can be cancelled if you discontinue your studies or fail to meet the conditions of your visa.

Checklist of documents required for the STUDENT VISA:

The documents which the Immigration Department require depend on:

- Your passport
- Your study plans in Australia
- If you are applying for a Student Visa Inside Australia or from outside Australia
- Factors which will enhance you application include:
- A good academic record in your home country
- Good English. English language levels should also be appropriate. If English is not your native language and you are over 18, it is good to have a TOEFL or IELTS score.
- Enrolment in a course appropriate for your age, academic background (level and subject, & current/future employment.
- Currently employed or in full-time education
- Good possibilities for reintegration upon your return home
- Appropriate age - over 16 years and under 35 years of age