Receiving a visa could be hard; at times students are called for personal interviews. We brief and train the student about the questions they could be possibly asked. We conduct mock interviews at our end and make the student well versed for the interview. He/She faces the interview with confident than others and naturally the result is more positive.

As a student, your objective is to satisfy the consular's objective, as well as learn those things you need to know about the country, university and the course so that you can give an intelligent answers during interview.

Sample Questionnaire:

1. what is the name of the course that you will be studying?
Ans: Bachelor of Business Accounting.

2. Why do you want to study this course?
Ans: I want to study this course because I want to be a certified public accountant.

3. Why would you like to study in Australia?
Ans: I want to study in Australia because of a good quality teaching in their university.

4. What is the name of your education provider?
Ans: Victoria University

5. What is the location of your education provider?
Ans: Level 3 and 3, 545 kent St, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia.

6. What are the fees of your course?
Enrolment fees-
Tuition fee per semester-
Total course fee-
OSHC- Per person - or for entire family -
Air Fare-

7. Does the money from the sponsor have to be returned to the sponsor?
Ans : No

8. Who is going to bear all the expenses and how? (Who is sponsoring you?)

Ans: Name of the sponsor, n* 1:
Relationship to sponsor,n* 1 :

9. How much money are the sponsors providing you?
Ans : AUD:.......

10. Why are the sponsors sponsoring you?
Ans: Because he wants me to fulfill my dream.

11. Where will you get the money to repay the sponsor?
Ans: I won't be paying for the sponsor show money, my sponsor is MR...... and he is my fa......!

12. Where will you live once you go there?
Ans: I will live in an apartment near the university.

13. Who will arrange for your accommodation and plane tickets?
Ans: My sponsor will arrange my accommodation and plane tickets.

14. What are fees being charged to you?
Ans: No charges to me because all the fees being charged to my sponsor.

15. Did the agency asked for any payment? How much was the fee?
Ans: The agency dint asks for any payment

16. If you will not finish your course/programme and decided to shift another course/programme, is there someone who is going to give you assistance?
Ans: I will finish my course and I don't have any plan to shift to another course and the university will assist me if I ever plan to shift to another course.